High on Fire

According to the founders of MeteorCity Records, there was no such thing as Stoner Rock, and the music was often called simply Heavy Metal or Metal. The music did not fall under any particular scene that was running at that time, so it had to be called something and thus the coining Stoner Rock was born. Later, these underground bands entered into a deal with MeteorCity Records, bands from Palm Desert scene and also widely from Europe.

The Stonerrock.com web site was founded in 1999 and became a basic base for heavy fans.

In 2000, the album R rated came out with the band Queens of the Stone Age, which was another project of Josh Homme. The album drew some attention at the time. Their next album Songs for the Deaf is considered the seventh best metal record of all time according to Roadrunner records.

The record company, Small Stone Records, released three discs, which had songs taken from 1970’s bands and replayed by Stoner Rock bands. The albums are entitled Right in the Nuts: A tribute to Aerosmith (2000), Sucking the 70’s (2002) and Sucking the 70’s – back in the saddle again (2006).

The band High on Fire was founded in 1998 by the former guitarist of Sleep, Matt Pike. Their first album, The Art of Self Defense, was released in 2000 and received some good receptions. The band is still active.

Several band members of Kyuss gathered back in March 2011 under the name Kyuss live! They went on a tour with that name and played widely throughout Europe. In March 2012, Josh Homme and bass player Scott Reeder sued John Garcia and Brant Bjork for the use of the name Kyuss.

Stoner Rock is about evolving through music and soon enough, getting lost in it.

It is a form of music worth the same.