Genres within Metal Music

Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal or “Desert Rock” is subordinate Heavy Metal music. There are mixed features of blues rock, acid rock, classic Heavy metal and Doom Metal.
The genre is characterized by its slow tempo, heavy bass and distorted guitars, which are often tuned in lower tunings. The production and the singing are very raw. The genre sprang up in the early 20th century with bands such as Kyuss and Sleep.

The term “Stoner Rock” comes originally with the Burn One Up album! A Music For Stoners, a collection from the record company Roadrunner Records, released in 1997.

It had songs from bands such as Kyuss, Sleep, Fu Manchu and Queens of the Stone Age. Shortly after, MeteorCity Records released the Stoner Rock collection entitled “Welcome To MeteorCity. Desert Rock, Sludge and Cosmic Doom”. Many people were dissatisfied with the nickname that the genre had received, saying that the name suggests the consumption of cannabis drugs by musicians and listeners, consequently, that it only belonged to a limited group of people.

The genre has the main policy of Heavy Metal, and as a result, it is traced to similar paths. Black Sabbath are often counted as kings of Stoner Rock and great protagonists of Heavy Metal. The records Master of Reality and Black Sabbath Vol.4 are often considered as the foundation of Stoner Rock.

For example, the band Sleep has taken songs from these albums.

The singer from Sleep, Al Cisnero, himself says that “music has only gone worsening after the release of the album Black Sabbath Vol.4”.

Greg Parto wrote on the Allmusic page; “When talking about Stoner Rock, it’s common to overlook the band Blue Cheer.”

Their first album, Vincebus Eruptum, is considered to be a major influence in Stoner Rock and also the formation of Heavy Metal.