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Bands: Here and There

In 1992, Sleep’s Holy Mountain was released with the band Sleep. This album was immediately loved by fans of Stoner Rock and these two bands were called “Leaders of the Scene. In the same year came the

The Stoner Rock

Vincebus Eruptum, is considered to be a major influence in Stoner Rock and also the formation of Heavy Metal. Sir Lord Baltimore is a band from 1968, which has been defined as the grandfather of Stoner Rock,

Genres within Metal Music

Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal or “Desert Rock” is subordinate Heavy Metal music. There are mixed features of blues rock, acid rock, classic Heavy metal and Doom Metal. The genre is characterized by its slow tempo, heavy bass

High on Fire

According to the founders of MeteorCity Records, there was no such thing as Stoner Rock, and the music was often called simply Heavy Metal or Metal. The music did not fall under any particular scene that was

Heavy and Thrash

Heavy Metal has its roots in blues rock and a variety of other rock music. The development, mainly in the UK, has had a lot to say about the music, but also the most influential bands in

Heavy and Progressive Metal

Heavy metal is clearly a distinctive genre of rock and roll. Its roots lie in blues rock. This form of music gained severe popularity in the 1970s and rightly so. A lot has been spoken about heavy

History and Features of Heavy Metal Music and Bands

Heavy metal is a type of rock music that appeared in the 1960s and became more popular in the 1970s thanks to bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath. This style of rock has

Five of Europe’s Best Metal Bands

1) Bullet For My Valentine Hailing from the Welsh town of Bridgend, this metalcore band began life as Jeff Killed John back in 1998. Fronted by lead vocalist Matt Tuck and backed by Michael Paget, Jason James