Bands: Here and There

In 1992, Sleep’s Holy Mountain was released with the band Sleep. This album was immediately loved by fans of Stoner Rock and these two bands were called “Leaders of the Scene.

In the same year came the album Spine of God, from the band Monster Magnet. The band came from New Jersey and had the sound of the aforementioned bands. The band Acid King formed in California at the same time.

From the UK there became a band called Acrimony, which formed the Stoner Rock scene there. Although they never gained a good fame, they helped significantly with the formation of Stoner Rock in the UK.

Among the Great Stoner rock bands from the UK are the Orange Goblin, the Electric Wizard and The Heads.

Then after Kiss quit in 1995, the band’s guitarist Josh Homme began working on a new project called Desert Sessions. The project began in August 1997, bringing him musicians from Palm Desert, and the project is still running today.

In September 1997 a shop called All That’s Heavy was founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The owners were Jadd Shickler and Aaron Emmel, selling rare content with the bands Kyuss, Moster Magnet and Fu Manchu. Soon the shop went well and began to record albums from similar bands.

A proposal was published on the website of former Kyuss fans that the shop should publish an album of music that should appeal to Kyuss fans. The publishing company Meteor City Records was founded and released the album Welcome to MeteorCity: Desert Rock, Sludge and Cosmic Doom.

The album was released in May 1998 and featured songs with bands like The Atomic Bitchwax, Sixty Watt Shaman, Dozer, Fatso Jetson, Los Natas, Lowrider, Demon Cleaner and Goatsnake. All of these were bands from the underground scene and the first time they sounded on an album.