Luder - "Adelphophagia"
Small Stone Records (2013)

A female fronted four piece from Detroit, Luder, on this 9 song album “Adelphophagia” stick to a doomy brand of groove-worthy stoner rock that would make people into Clutch, Queens of the Stone Age, and Soundgarden very giddy. Bassist Sue Lott has a sultry sensibility to her enchanting melodies, sweeping your ears into another dimension on “Astrolabe” and the slightly latter day Beatles-esque “Ask the Sky”. Expect songs that occasionally jam from an instrumental standpoint, allowing for extraneous repetitive build-ups or noise that fuel the arrangement to a crescendo, the closing 9 minute plus “Remember What I Said” a clear example as guitarists Phil Durr and Scott Hamilton tastefully alternate between clean and electric motives. 

I feel the band’s musical chemistry and think Luder can go places with plenty of touring to spread their philosophy to more. 


Rating: 4 / 6

Composed by Matt Coe
Roy Kristensen 05.01.2014 00:41

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