Opposing Motion - "Laws Of Motion"

Lion Music (2013)
Intertwining UK and French musicians prominent in the session scene, progressive metal act Opposing Motion released a debut EP in 2010 entitled “The Illustration”, and spent the better part of 2012 working on the material that comprises this debut album “Laws of Motion”. The quartet feels comfortable mixing up elements of traditional metal, progressive rock and influences from conventional artists like Dream Theater and Threshold - delivering an intriguing 8 track record.
What this means for the listener is you’ll often get quick hitting time signature manipulation maneuvers that propel the next passage of the song in diverse directions. Check out “Rites of Passage”- keyboards straight from the Styx pomp rock heydays sit next to nifty cymbal to snare/ bass drum hits that would make Neil Peart proud- while the follow up “Echoes of the Soul” just bursts with this heavy Morse Code-like guitar/bass attack right out of the gate before transforming into a lighter, atmospheric passage more in line with Yes. Vocalist Ludovic Desa has a multi-octave range that has no struggle hitting those falsetto highs, very much in line with classic Geoff Tate.
The closing 9:52 “The Fallen Opera” (divided into three acts subtitled ‘Lust’, ‘Neglect’, and ‘Remorse’) gives the quartet of musicians the best chance to flex their instrumental muscles, incorporating a series of neo-classical arpeggio-laced guitar breaks, fluid drumming from Kevin Deplanche and a number of atmospheric shifts that are necessary to fully justify the epic ebb and flow of this particular arrangement.
Opposing Motion appears to have a good grasp of injecting the right amount of hooks amidst their progressive volleys. Worth investigating if you want something a little more metallic than pure technical overload.
Rating: 4 / 6
Composed by Matt Coe

Roy Kristensen 03.05.2013 18:00

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