Omega Reign - "Arise"

Itchy Metal Entertainment (2012)

Hailing from the southeastern portion of New Bedford, MA, this five piece metal band Omega Reign on their 9 song album “Arise” possess a lot of qualities that made the 80’s traditional scene potent and long-lasting. Forming the group in 1998, guitarist Gene Felix rounds out the current incarnation with ex-Sleight Of Mind vocalist Hank Perry, second guitarist David Bowman, bassist Scott Langevin and drummer Tyrone Williams.

Overall their sound has a powerful dual guitar gallop, mostly of a mid-tempo or slightly faster variety - along with the multi-octave metal range that Hank delivers on memorable material such as the early Queensryche-like “Prison In Your Eyes” and Dio-ish somber “Nocturnal” that features some killer cymbal/snare and bass action from the Williams/Langevin rhythm section. “Will The Light Come” is a 6 minute plus ballad featuring some killer Michael Schenker/Gary Moore-like lead breaks, not your typical slower framework and more in line with say Riot or Gary Moore during their early 80’s heydays. Highlights for me include the double bass monster “Doomsday” and “Killer” with its latter day, darker Anthrax guitar/ vocal melody match up- which speaks volumes for the songwriting dynamics and versatility Omega Reign display.

Great music remains timeless. “Arise” proves that traditional metal with elements of power and progressive nuances does not need to remain in the past- that artists can incorporate heaviness and darker tones to keep the movement vibrant. Perfect for those into latter day Savatage, Gary Moore, Dio, even a twinge of Metal Church- Omega Reign keep the flag of heavy metal high.


Rating: 4.5 / 6

Composed by Matt Coe

Roy Kristensen 26.01.2013 12:10

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