GGFH – Serrated Smile

self-released (2007)

You may not be overwhelmed by “Serrated Smile” when it comes to the music only. But get addicted to the whole “package” that surrounds GGFH and “Serrated Smile”, and you will become a REAL dedicated fan for life! There is an atmosphere surrounding both the band and this album that is totally unique in the world today. A true ingenious concept! For those knowing GGFH already: All noises, cut-ups, samples and synths are done in a very recognizable way, but at the same time dramatically developed to 2006 level (soundwise). Have in mind that the last GGFH album “Disease” was released 13 years ago. Gone is almost all the sing-able melodies from that period (with only a very few exceptions). I must admit that I miss this aspect in a way.

On the other hand: The atmosphere and noises created on this album is done in a way that brings my total impression to HEAVEN!! No one can beat GGFH! Not even their earlier albums can beat this when it comes to the extreme use of noises! No other bands than GGFH can manage to make you feel so rotten, depressive and dirty! Beware: You will be captured by faint if digging your inner self too much into this disgusting concept – in a positive way of course. The beats hits you in the stomach, and I am impressed by Ghost’s capability to conjure up destructive elements both musical wise and oral wise. In fact his oral parts are just amazing! Top class! It is no secret that his voice is among the worlds finest!

The unique thing with GGFH is that the most common thing, like a telephone call or something, is transformed into this disgusting, sick and rotten atmosphere no other bands can match, or do after them. GGFH is unique and totally alone doing this in the world today.

To sum it up: Musically I give 7 out of 10 points. As I told above; I miss the sing-able aspect I was used to from “Disease” a bit.  And 2 of the tracks were not too good. Apart from this the rest of the tracks are fantastic, and keep an extremely high level of quality in ALL ways (have in mind that the albums consists of 14 tracks in total). For this, plus feeling, atmosphere, and death in general, I give 10 out of 10 points. No doubt!! This is so ingenious! Totally; this is 8.5 out of 10 points.
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Composed by Saiihtam