VARIOUS ARTISTS – In The Name Of The King

Nuclear Blast (2007)


Few movie soundtracks can display such an array of great metal acts as this one. Apart from two instrumental tracks at both ends of the album, this is simply a great collection of songs from an assortment of some of the world’s leading metal acts. Music often makes an extra strong impression on us when it accompanies a story and perhaps especially a movie or a scene that touches us. Although this soundtrack album can offer very little for the fans and collectors of individual bands since all the tracks are taken directly from official album releases, it can offer a lot for those who loved the movie and felt moved by the music. What a great way to reawaken those feelings stirred when viewing “In the Name of the King”. Soundtrack releases such as this makes the most of the chance of publicity given to the bands contributing to the movie and can be of great importance for a band’s break through. Keep them coming!


Since the songs on this compilation have been chosen to suit certain scenes in a movie, they have not been selected because they are the best each band has to offer, but because they can be employed in order to convey or amplify emotions in order to strengthen the movie scenes dynamics. Therefore I would say this is a soundtrack for those who have seen the movie and loved it. Personally I look forward to seeing the movie and experience how the music has been used. The original film score by De Rooij is nice and probably very effective in creating the right mood in the movie, but is far from great. I would say that it represents highly typical classical orientated film score music. I end this by listing the bands appearing on this soundtrack album: Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, Nightwish, HIM, Sonic Syndicate, Amorphis, Avantasia, The Darkness, Disturbed, After Forever, Dream Theater, Threshold, Pantera, Epica, Soilwork and Mastodon.


Indie Distribution (www.indiedist.no)



Composed by Ravn